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Prediction: Pay-per-spot Advertising

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I predict that all advertising will eventually become a bidding system, or pay-per-spot advertising, similar to Google’s AdWords model. Implementing a bidding system across all electronic forms of mass communication (that are Internet-connected) and having controls in place, will increase the quality of the ads, the competition for these ad spots, and the effectiveness of the ads. Not to mention, publishers stand to make more money on each spot, which should control the cost to the consumer (print and broadcast subscribers). Remember how annoying and irrelevant early Internet ads were? Google’s AdWords model increased the quality (they actually score ads based on various criteria and won’t serve “bad” ads), and led to improved targeting, and less-invasive/more-relevant ads.1 I feel the same thing will happen within other media, too… Print. Almost all newspapers and magazines are offered online (i.e. they have a website). The ads displayed online are either media buys, or auction-based and served through an ad network. Now, these…

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