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Should You Show Your Sympathy

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I believe in taking care of oneself. Granted, there are times I want to be the small spoon and have soup made for me, but for the most part, I try to be self-sustaining. Along those same lines, I tend to keep those around me at a distance. It’s safer that way, but I’m slowly learning I need to open up more. When I see people in need, which is technically subjective, because they may, or may not, actually be in need, I sometimes lend a hand. Other times, just having empathy for the person is more appropriate – especially if the person interprets assistance as pity and finds it disrespectful, or off-putting. In situations I have no control over (again subjective, because one could argue that every situation can be influenced), empathy always wins. On the other hand, in situations I can directly impact, I let my actions do work (guided by sympathy). When I talk about sympathy in…

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