Regarding Dave Chappelle’s Composure

By June 20, 2012 FYI, Really? No Comments

Tickets to Dave Chappelle

I complain when something is wrong. This is the first time I have felt it necessary to write a letter to the editor of several local papers regarding something I found “wrong” – us.

Last night, I attended Dave Chappelle’s surprise performance and could not believe what I unknowingly became a part of. Here’s what I wrote, verbatim.

I drove home from The Paramount Theatre on Tuesday night in silence, feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and quite pissed off.

The vague questions and severely outdated movie quotes were almost as disrespectful (and annoying) as the shouts comprised of unambiguous words like the current year, a city, his name, and the college you clearly didn’t learn any manners at while attending.

As an audience member, I would like to formally apologize to Mr. Chappelle. Sorry we wasted your time. Sorry we claim to love you, but have not figured out what that means. Sorry we transformed the area beyond the stage into a room full of drunken idiots at a UT pep rally, circa 1998.

And, to those I described in paragraph two: I have never wanted to see a stand-up comedian more than I wanted to see Dave Chappelle, and will likely never get to again. Thanks, dip-shit.


I feel much better.