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F*ck Cancer

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Yep. That’s how I feel toward all cancers. According to the Official Sponsor of Birthdays®, 1:2 males and 1:3 females will develop some type of cancer in their lifetime. I do not like those odds. So, in October, I ride my bike in support of the most common cancer women get – breast cancer. Help me in my fight by donating to the Mamma Jamma Ride. Thanks for your support. Regards, Ross The Official Sponsor of Birthdays is a registered trademark of the American Cancer Society

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Excel Pro Tip: Hiding Formula Errors

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I’m an Excel nerd, but by no means am I all-knowing when it comes to best practices. I use Excel to manage several important spreadsheets, at the top of that list is my company’s yearly marketing plan, (what my marketing efforts live and die by). One of my formulas aggregates analytics data to give me an overview of performance for various metrics, but if there’s limited data, or data hasn’t been entered yet, I still want the “totals” column to be accurate. In order for that to happen, the other formulas cannot throw an error into the mix. So, I need to effectively hide the formula errors in Excel. A good friend of mine, Andy Row, is an Excel genius, so I often ping him to help me with complex functions or formulas. He recently noticed my Tweet which referenced one way to hide annoying formula errors in my marketing plan. Upon seeing that Tweet, he suggested an easier and…

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Why I Avoid The News

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On the way to dinner last evening, my girlfriend began reading the local news that took place over the past few days. Three alcohol-related car accidents, which resulted in two deaths; a sexual assault; and an argument at a night club that ended in gunfire, injuring five and killing three others. The driver in the fatal head-on collision fled the scene – leaving their passenger in critical condition and the female driver of the other car dead. Both driver and passenger fled the scene in another accident after rolling their car, but the passenger was later caught. Five people’s lives are over, a woman will likely have permanent physical and psychological damage, and two cowards have yet to be brought to justice. This local news could have happened anywhere in the US, and likely did – in some cases to even more of an extreme. I like believing there are good people in the world, and there are; unfortunately, the…

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