Putting The Pieces Together Before Falling Apart

By February 18, 2013 Peeks No Comments

Polar Bear Puzzle

After just three hours of attempting a 1,000-piece puzzle, my fiancé and I decided to toss in the towel. In that short amount of time, we realized two very important things:

  1. The minimal amount of color variance in the Planet Earth puzzle featuring a polar bear and its cub in the snow can drive a person insane.
  2. My systematic approach to solving the puzzle did not fit with her text-message-my-sister-or-plan-our-wedding-or-watch-TV approach.

Before the pieces came together, our relationship (and sanity) would have been compromised. As she Googled “Galapagos Islands weddings,” I built the border – unsuccessfully. There were at least twelve floating pieces that could fit in more than one location without enough evidence to justify any particular spot.

However, the experience did yield a creative punishment for our planned children: thirty minutes of silent puzzle time.

The puzzle is yet TBD, but will likely be just as difficult.

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