The Engagement Paradox

By February 17, 2013 Items to Ponder No Comments

I recently popped the question. A bubble floating around in front of me had the words “will you marry me” nested inside it and I took a pretty little diamond ring and poked right through it.

“Yes.” That’s what she said.

Over the course of two weeks I have heard, “so, when/where are you guys getting married?” from every single person we have delivered the news to, whether via text message (SMS), multi-media message (MMS), phone call, social media, or the grapevine several of my friends/family keep referencing. Some of those in the know have even inquired twice.

Is that something that needs to be established right away? Is it similar to engagement photos, selecting a wedding cake, buying a house, having kids, and joint-checking accounts? I do not think life should work like that.

Why can’t the date and location remain TBD for a week, or a month? Why can’t the exact date and location be a non sequitur to sharing news of the popped question?

Marriage is not the “next step” and logic should never determine how you allocate your heart.

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