The Next Big Thing

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Anyone can come up with an idea. Fast food for lunch is an idea. I’m talking about a great idea – one worthy of you spending the majority of your time perfecting, polishing, planning, and eventually executing.

Every thing started with an idea. And, yes, I separated every and thing intentionally.

Maybe the idea was accidental and stumbled upon. Perhaps your idea came to you two twelve-ounce bottles into a six-pack looking ahead into a summer weekend. Mine did, and probably ruined my weekend in the sense that I did not spend it outside enjoying the weather. I spent mine indoors, on my computer, reading – an activity I rarely do.

Seventy-two hours later, it had a name, and even that wasn’t the important part. The meat and potatoes – the architecture – had not been defined. I still needed to determine what exactly my idea was, how it would work, and who would use it. Moreover, why would people use it?

An investor once rhetorically asked me, “What makes your snake oil better than anyone else’s?”

Roughly 2,000 hours of thinking, reading, research, planning, and general lack of sleep was required before my idea became anything more than an eventual “what-if” later in my life.

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