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Disabling Google Voice on Sprint

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If you’re an early adopter AND a Sprint user, then you’re like me and may be among the pioneers to try enabling Google Voice on your Sprint mobile phone. Recently, I have had a plethora of missed inbound and un-connected outbound calls. I’m going to blame the mistake on Google Voice, considering they are not a wireless carrier. The calls are getting to Google, but Google isn’t getting the calls to me, and vice versa. Regardless, if you have Google Voice enabled on your Sprint mobile phone, you can’t just disable it and expect things to work just fine. There is one final step after disabling Google Voice. In order for your voicemail to actually work, and calls to go through, you have to turn off the forwarding from Sprint > Google Voice (read that as an equation, too). Dial *38 and hit send on your Sprint phone, after disabling Google Voice. You will hear several tones and the call…

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