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Starting To Figure It Out

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Here are some truths I have learned over the last 31 years. Have any of your own? Feel free to share. Breakfast tastes better before bed. “Everything happens for a reason” is a stupid saying. Of course everything happens for a reason. Take advantage of every first chance – don’t wait for the next song. Live without expectations, or you may never experience anything worthwhile. Don’t bite your tongue when it comes to saying what you feel – honesty is a stronger character trait than conformity. Being liked by everyone means nothing if you’re not happy with yourself. Children ask why, adults suppress their curiosity. Don’t do that. Treat others how you want to be treated, but don’t put up with bullshit. Light, cheap beer doesn’t taste any better now than it did ten years ago. Drink better beer and make more meaningful toasts. Cheers.

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Two Things I Learned From Five-year-old Me

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My parents love sending me stuff from my past. Whether it’s trinkets, artwork, or awards, they occupy my mailbox, then my counter, then finally my recycle bin. (Sorry mom and dad if you thought I was saving that stuff.) Each package is prefaced with a heads-up email I receive roughly three days prior. Upon receipt, Lesley and I review the contents and celebrate my wondrous childhood. In other words, we smile and laugh at the thought of five-year-old me putting hard work and creativity into something resembling a dried poop smear on off-white construction paper. Not all of my art, or awards, are laughable, but all of them are well-received and remind me I’m just a human. I’m just a human and my successes (and inevitable failures) are relative. A poop-smear painting to thirty-one-year-old me may have seemed like a Picasso to my younger self. I also realized the now unaccredited grade schools I attended gave out a lot of…

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