An Entrepreneur’s Baby

By February 16, 2014 Peeks No Comments

Sht Lst - Shit List - Share and resolve complaints

I have heard most entrepreneurs refer to their project as their “baby.” Appropriately, my recent project took just about nine months to deliver.

Nine months of paperwork, patents, and programming (courtesy of a web development team I managed through Some Script) and I have successfully completed the beta version of my baby: Sht Lst (pronounced “shit list”) – and I have just begun.

Simultaneously, I also applied for six trademarks, argued the use of two separate (but similar) company names, persuaded the great state of Texas to allow my legal business name to closely resemble that of what my lawyer refers to as a “fun, but vulgar term”, purchased seventy-three domains, and spent the most money I have ever spent on any one thing.

I have never been happier in my life.

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