My Drive To Learn

By February 16, 2014 Peeks No Comments

The majority of my free time (outside of my nine-to-five) is spent on Sht Lst, but when I’m not working on Sht Lst, eating, sleeping, planning my wedding, or working out, I am learning. A good friend of mine sent me a list of thirty audio books (he knows I don’t enjoy reading) to help me on my adventure to grow personally and professionally.

Using the time between home, work, and the gym, I have been able to “read” (listen to) five books, and all have been extremely helpful in my pursuit of becoming a better entrepreneur. If there were anything I could ever wish for more of, it would be time, then knowledge.

Two things I’m afraid many of us often waste. Now I cram as much knowledge into a car ride as humanly possible, In fact, there have been times I will sit in the parking lot at home, at work, and at the gym to squeeze in a few more minutes of a chapter.

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