Give Your Coworkers The Bird

the middle finger

I often flash the bird to a select few co-workers, but never out of spite. In fact, I have used my middle finger more times to promote friendship (or pick my nose) rather than incite someone with the four-letter f-word.


It’s fun and actually can break up the tension of a typical day (especially around the end of a Q).

My thoughts on the “middle finger”
The middle finger, or simply “finger,” would be just another digit for typing e, d, i, and k, if humans didn’t assign such a negative meaning to it.

The same is true of several other gestures and words we (the human race) has so ignorantly aligned with hate and disrespectful mannerisms. The f-word, n-word, c-word, b-word, mf-word, etc.

These hateful, derogatory, and downright f’d up words wouldn’t be as powerful (er, destructive) if we didn’t make them that way.

So, in my never-ending pursuit of world peace, I propose we all f up what a bunch of idiots once made an offline trending topic and deconstruct the middle finger.

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  • Anne says:

    Is it “world” peace or “word” peace?! I’ve always thought of the “f” word as a verb. It makes a point just like the middle finger.

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