Why I Travel

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I recently entered an essay contest to win the vacation of a lifetime. The subject was “I travel because…”

This is why I travel.

night sky

Life’s journey is comprised of moments, seamlessly interconnected between an identifiable start and eventual ending. On this journey, most of us remain relatively sedentary, accumulating tangible things, even though, as humans, we need not much to survive—food, water, shelter, and love.

These things require space and, for the most part, cannot accompany us elsewhere.

In contrast, traveling yields moments and experiences, which we materialize and store as memories. Memories take up no space and accompany us everywhere.

Spread around our spinning sphere of water and land, are over seven billion people, scattered throughout roughly two hundred countries, speaking over six thousand different languages.

I travel because during the forty-plus hours I work every week, I see roughly fifty faces in and around the same city, in the same state, speaking the same language, and after about thirty years, my routine has become menacingly monotonous.

Traveling breaks the monotony and has awarded me some of my life’s most amazing moments, which I carry everywhere as memories. Memories of walking on foreign lands, meeting new people, speaking different languages, trying exotic foods, and staring deep into the night sky until I fall asleep and dream of my next vacation.

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