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New Weight-Loss Patch?!

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On my way back from Houston, I saw a media placement for a new[!] weight-loss patch. Please keep in mind, when I say¬†media placement, I’m referring to a re-purposed garage sale sign on an offramp near a truckstop. Just a phone number and the implied promise of losing weight courtesy of a “new” patch. Sorry, but¬†bold, red letters on a tattered sign combined with said sign’s location, led me to believe this “patch” may not be backed by the FDA. So, the sarcastic cynic in me developed a new, new weight-loss patch… See above.

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Trolling For Chicks

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If you decide where your night leads based solely on the ratio of TNA:CNB, then my friend, you’re probably not my friend. In addition, you probably don’t care about the underlying privacy issues related to using facial-recognition software in public places. UPDATE: SceneTap actually uses facial-detection software, not facial-recognition. Your privacy is safe, your gender is not. SceneTap will soon be offering its ratio-ranking services to establishments interested in providing patrons with the amount of males and females currently trolling their bar. SceneTap uses facial-detection software, (similar to iPhoto and Facebook), to identify: Number of people Number of female people Number of male people SceneTap then uses an advanced algorithm to determine what’s called a “ratio” of male people to female people. It’s all very confusing and I’m not a scientist – I’m a sentence-ist. Basically, you get a meaningless figure, as SceneTap’s software currently cannot identify d-bags. If they could, the ratio’s colon, (males:females), would be represented by an…

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Surviving Away From Home

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Stress can literally kill us. (This is a bad thing.) I try to remain as stress-free as possible. Especially when I travel for work. When I travel for leisure, I usually don’t get stressed because I don’t have deadlines. Regardless what you’re traveling for, it’s important to stay healthy when doing so. Tony Schwartz, of The Energy Project, has outlined the six key ingredients to staying healthy while traveling. Here are a few, which I will definitely be practicing for my upcoming trip to Chicago for ACT’s Enrollment Planner’s Conference. Get enough sleep. Start your day with 20-30 minutes of exercise. Take a few calculated breaths between scheduled events. In addition to those, I am usually very conscious about what I eat. In fact, out of the last 100 meals I’ve had, I can honestly say only about three of them were fast food.1 [1] Lunchables do not count as fast food and I definitely had two last Saturday.

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Another Reason To Dislike Hospitals

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I must say, my reasons for disliking hospitals are somewhat legit: In general, the people there are sick.1 People die in there all the time. The food is gross. I’ve never once heard of a hospital party. In addition, I recently learned how dirty hospital pillows are. This is taken from an article I read online this afternoon: …within 2 years of use, one-third of a pillow’s weight comprises dead skin cells, bugs, dead dust mites and their droppings… And I thought hotel beds were gross. The next time you have a hospital-sponsored sleep over, I recommend you bring your own pillows. [1] In General Hospital, the people are too dramatic. Yet another place I can’t see myself liking.

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