Jobs v. Passion, (2011)

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Having “a job” vs “a passion” is like speed dating vs marriage. What do I mean? A few people shared some thoughts on my tweeted opinion (above), so I decided to elaborate. One of my favorite quotes, perhaps a movie line, goes (not necessarily verbatim): “Find what it is you love to do, and then get paid to do it.” Are you passionate about what you do, or are you simply in-at-eight, out-at-five? I don’t view my job as a task. You shouldn’t. Again, just my opinion. If I viewed my job as a task, my mouth would resemble ( and, I would rather my mouth resemble ). It’s unfortunate when people complain about what they do for a living. I believe that if you don’t like what you do, then be assertive enough to try and fix it, or, if that fails, find something else. To segue further into my explanation, I’m going to pose two questions: Why do people…

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The Impact FaceTime Ad[d]s

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Who wouldn’t get a little throat knot after viewing a one-minute video of connections between loved ones set to Louis Armstrong’s When You’re Smiling? The spot aired last month and ends with a couple communicating in ASL saying “I love you”. Touching. These emotional ads highlight one of the many new features of the iPhone 4 – FaceTime. A video/voice call feature that requires the iPhone 4 and a Wi-Fi connection. Without further ado, here it is. FaceTime: The subsequent four spots, which aired Sunday, are set around a similar theme: the impact of a being able to see someone face-to-face… to encourage a smile (and see what’s underneath). to get input on a new do. to introduce a recent addition to the family. and, to deliver some big news about a project. Watched in succession, they somewhat lose their individual emo-effect, but I’m sure many can relate to one, (and Apple banked on that). Smile: Haircut: Meet Her: Big…

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Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0

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Today, Apple announced (more like teased us with) some features they plan to roll out in their 4.0 OS for the iPhone. In addition to multitasking and better performance, Apple’s new iPhone® OS promises quite a few handy and time-saving features; and a few cool ones, as well. For instance, you can organize your applications into folders, apply different backgrounds to the homescreen and lock screen, have multiple applications open at the same time[!], read iBooks and take advantage of a better mail experience. AppleInsider has the inside scoop on what you can expect from Apple’s iPhone 4.0 OS.

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Inside The iPad

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I am often curious not only how something works, but what it has inside. When I was younger, I would take stuff apart and (upon parental encouragement) put it back together again. Flashlights, wireless phones, radios, answering machines (remember those?!)…they were all victim to my screwdriver and imagination. Now that the devices have gotten more intricate and expensive, and I have gotten busier, I don’t have time to take apart my (or anyone else’s) toys/gadgets/games. So, I let someone else take apart Apple’s iPad®. Here are a few of the images of the inside of the iPad®. See more pictures of what’s inside the iPad®.

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