Jobs v. Passion, (2011)

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Having “a job” vs “a passion” is like speed dating vs marriage. What do I mean? A few people shared some thoughts on my tweeted opinion (above), so I decided to elaborate. One of my favorite quotes, perhaps a movie line, goes (not necessarily verbatim): “Find what it is you love to do, and then get paid to do it.” Are you passionate about what you do, or are you simply in-at-eight, out-at-five? I don’t view my job as a task. You shouldn’t. Again, just my opinion. If I viewed my job as a task, my mouth would resemble ( and, I would rather my mouth resemble ). It’s unfortunate when people complain about what they do for a living. I believe that if you don’t like what you do, then be assertive enough to try and fix it, or, if that fails, find something else. To segue further into my explanation, I’m going to pose two questions: Why do people…

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Cats > Careers

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(Yes, my cat is a loyal subscriber.) One of the best parts about my job is the variance between yesterdays and todays. For instance, yesterday1 I prepared a package to send to a prospective client. Today1, I brainstormed an idea for an ad we’re placing in an upcoming event program. Now, to validate the claim my title suggests… On Monday, I emailed our business development team requesting a bio and headshot from each of them for our new website. As of this afternoon, I had received one response from the seventeen individual requests sent. 1/17 = 5.8% (after four days) This afternoon, I sent an email to a few of the same individuals, requesting a picture and brief narrative about their adopted feline friend(s). Within twenty-six minutes, I had three stories, fourteen cat-pics and something to blog about. 3/4 = 75% (within thirty minutes) [1] Among many, many other things.

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