Surviving Away From Home

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Stress can literally kill us. (This is a bad thing.) I try to remain as stress-free as possible. Especially when I travel for work. When I travel for leisure, I usually don’t get stressed because I don’t have deadlines. Regardless what you’re traveling for, it’s important to stay healthy when doing so. Tony Schwartz, of The Energy Project, has outlined the six key ingredients to staying healthy while traveling. Here are a few, which I will definitely be practicing for my upcoming trip to Chicago for ACT’s Enrollment Planner’s Conference. Get enough sleep. Start your day with 20-30 minutes of exercise. Take a few calculated breaths between scheduled events. In addition to those, I am usually very conscious about what I eat. In fact, out of the last 100 meals I’ve had, I can honestly say only about three of them were fast food.1 [1] Lunchables do not count as fast food and I definitely had two last Saturday.

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4 Things I Learnt In Chicago

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Just arrived back from the ACT Enrollment Planner’s Conference in Chicago and I’m happy to be home. I didn’t have much free time to enjoy the sites the wind dances around, the sounds the wind moves, or the smells the wind carries, but I did manage to make a couple new friends and maybe even a business relationship. I also learned a thing, or four. 1. I’m not a salesman (yet) Put me in a room full of potential clients during a social and I’ll contently play the wallflower – Miller Light in-hand, of course. I haven’t mastered the uninvited “hello, my name is…” it often requires to spark a stranger conversation. Thursday evening, I played my part. After shopping Nordstrom’s anniversary sale and borrowing some cologne from Boss, I made my way to the sixty-minute reception for attendees of the conference. By request, I was handed a Miller Lite. By default, I tipped the server and proceeded to weave…

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I Missed A Lot

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This weekend was supposed to be an awesome time with family, but Mother Nature had to come along and change that. I made it from AUS to ORD almost incident-free. There was about a twenty-minute delay at takeoff due to the weather surrounding the Chicago area. The pilot claimed that the weather was subsiding – not the case at all. We landed in what can only be described as the eye of the storm and as I stepped off the plane, I noted how crazy/busy Chicago’s O’Hare Airport seemed. I had about ninety minutes before my next flight from ORD to ROA, so I leisurely made my way from gate to gate, stopping for an airport-priced Cobb Salad on the way. As I approached the hallway housing my destination gate, I felt a gust of hot air and smelled the indoor campground that were the F and G gates. With about an hour to spare, I took a seat among…

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