I Sense You’re Incorrect

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Attention: Conversationalists – How many senses do humans have? We are taught to believe there are only five senses (thank you, Aristotle), but that does not give one of the Earth’s most complex creatures nearly enough credit.┬áThe fact is, (and I will explain with efficacy), we have more than five senses. Your body is smart – you may not be, but it is. Without many of these senses, life would be…senseless (ha!) and short-lived. I’ll start with the familiar five: Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch My research uncovered several additional senses, (courtesy of various sources1), listed below with explanations where needed: Hunger Thirst Equilibrioception: balance, acceleration/deceleration, and directional changes Pressure Thermoception: internal and external temperature Itch: this sense is separate from touch Proprioception: location of body parts Nociception: pain – cutaneous (skin), visceral (organs), and┬ásomatic (skeletal) Magentoception: albeit weak, our detection of magnetic fields Referencing the familiar five, which of your senses would you least like to live without? I…

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Over My Head

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A couple weeks ago, I spent about two hours on my balcony with a good friend scanning the sky, trying to distinguish planets from stars. It’s much harder than you think.1 Wine + stars = deep [red] conversation. Discussion topics included: The Universe and everything that’s out there. For the record, “out there” is a big place. As comparison, “out there” is greater than, or equal to all the stuff that “she says” … and “she” says a lot (mostly inappropriate). Energy transfer. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and as our Universe expands, less energy per-(measurement of area) is available for transfer. Chupacabras. Enough wine will cause a raccoon, medium-sized dog, or a large cat to appear as if it is a chupacabra. Life. It’s too short.1 Grab a friend, grab a bottle, (telescopes are a plus), and grab two glasses…cheers/here’s to the stars. 1. probably something she said

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