We Kilt Kenny

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The best way to seamlessly transition into part three, is to just do it. If you didn’t read part’s one and two, take a step back and start here. After dinner, I joined Guga and her dad for the ride back to his house where Claudia (one of Guga’s oldest friends) would soon be. I sat outside on the back patio with Roberto and Cecilia for about ten minutes as Maica chased lizards around the dark walls of the outdoor patio. Not many words were exchanged until an old song came on, which sounded like Frank Sinatra, with whom they were both familiar. After a short debate, we all agreed it was, in fact, Frank on the radio. Claudia arrived and the three of us went to an Irish bar called Kilkenny (all I could think of was South Park. There were no tables open, so were were just going to stand and drink. We went upstairs to the bar…

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Women Like Good Dancers

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In addition to really, really, ridiculously good looks, research has revealed that all the single ladies are also attracted to men who can dance really, really well. In addition to positive attention from the opposite sex, dancing men usually receive a decent amount of snarky criticisms and challenging glares from nearby males, (A.K.A “haters”). ♂: Put on your dancing shoes and take notes… This is what not to do: This is what to do: NPR has the full story on attracting women with your smooth moves.

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