Charitable By Design

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In less than a week, I’ll be on my bike for a good cause. Over the past few months, I’ve used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Dreamweaver to raise awareness and donations for the Hill Country Ride for…(see the image below) I’ve surpassed my goal, but why stop now? Help me out!

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TMYK: Charitable Donations Are Tax Deductible

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It’s April 15th…a.k.a. Tax Day. My sister is also lucky enough to share the government’s pay day as her day of birth, so happy birthday Stephanie. All law-abiding citizens out there, make sure you: a.) get those forms in the mail, submitted online, or via a pigeon/hawk/owl or phoenix, or b.) file for an extension, or c.) have a really good tax lawyer. If after all the paperwork, you see that you still owe Uncle Sam, then why not deduct a charitable donation? Give some money to a good cause instead! Support me in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS

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