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Writing an Effective Email Subject Line

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Email remains a strong medium of mass communication in business. However, the presence of SPAM has made it more difficult for marketers to get their emails delivered and opened – even when the message is warranted, relevant, and sometimes requested. To that end, a compelling subject line is paramount, especially when reaching out to recipients for the first time. The internal marketing department, or corporate marketing partner, should be responsible for coordinating all mass emails. This way a group of (presumably) experts that can determine appropriate timing, content, theme, call-to-action, and place of each email message in the marketing plan. That said, there are times when an email needs to be sent to a small group of people (i.e. fewer than 20 recipients) and there’s literally no time for the approval process. In these instances, the sender (usually a salesperson) is responsible for determining the specifics, and with those specifics, the email subject is arguably among the most important, because…

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Sale Enhancement

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Disclaimer: This post is rated PG-13 for L and SC INDOORS – – APPLEBEE’S – – EVENING ROSS enters an empty restroom, noticing there are no urinals, he approaches the stall on the right with the door partially open. He urinates. Amid summer night’s stream, the DOOR OPENS and the FAUCET TURNS ON. Ross returns everything to it’s proper place and rotates to be surprised by an impromptu greeting from a YOUNG AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN. Ross is uncomfortable with this situation, for one main reason: He does not engage in conversation with strangers in the men’s room. The young man sparks a conversation. YOUNG MAN (washing his hands) How’s it going? Unbeknownst to Ross, this is a sales pitch. ROSS Doin’ well…You? YOUNG MAN Have you ever heard of male enha…enhance… ROSS (interrupting) Enhancement? YOUNG MAN Yeah. Male enhancement. You ever heard of it? —–SPOILER ALERT: This is how it ends.—– ROSS Yeah. YOUNG MAN (washing his hands for no…

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