Mix-spelled Emotions

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Not sure who implanted this idea, or why they still believe it, but 50% of my parents think “LOL” is an acronym for “Lots of Love.” If you’re also under the same spell, let me un-spell-it-out for you: LOL = Laugh Out Loud. It’s not a big deal to me; actually, it’s kind of entertaining. Sometimes I would go so far as to say, inspiring.¬†For instance, let’s say they email me with some bad news. I’m sure we can all relate to losing a pet… We had to put Fluffy to sleep this morning. She was getting too old to move around and it’s been very hard for your father to deal with cleaning up all of her messes from not making it to the litter box on time. I know he would really like to hear from you. Stay in touch. LOL, [signature] And then, the sun comes out from behind the clouds. I don’t like being the bearer…

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Emotional Elimination With A Twist Of Dragon

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I received a phone call last week from the Travis County District Attorney’s Office regarding the accident I was in last July. The discussion briefly covered how I healed and the challenges related to recovering damages for the loss I incurred. Then I was asked a serious question. I was asked what I felt should be Greg’s punishment for hitting me with his car. I was overcome with a feeling that I can only peg as being discomfort. The only reason I know it was discomfort is because, through the process of elimination, I ruled out the other big emotions. Happy = smile. Sad = tear. Bashful = red cheeks. Angry = scowl. Overjoyed = the moment you discover what this ninja is hiding behind his head (:40). Initially, I wanted to lend him my bike and borrow his PT Cruiser (Greg, not the ninja) and invite him to take a trip down Memory, (Brodie), Ln. That fantasy passed. I…

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