Why Experienced Entrepreneurs Don’t Want In On Your Idea

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If you hang around networking events long enough and engage enough entrepreneurs, you’ll eventually be approached by one willing to offer a piece of their “big idea” in exchange for your assistance. I’ve been put in this situation more than once and how I approach these situations has evolved over the years. In 2007, I was approached by a couple of co-workers who wanted me to come aboard and help them grow their startup. In exchange for this full-time position (with typical entrepreneurial ventures, a 40-hour work week would seem like a vacation) I would be paid $30,000 + a 3% stake in the company. I accepted the offer, but I was also not busy working on a startup of my own at the time, so dedicating 100+% of my mind and becoming passionate about a new project wasn’t out of the question. That first company grew exponentially, and within two years, we sold it to a much larger company. Since then, I have…

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