Soft-Core Sounds

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It’s difficult to take the operators on the other end of a customer service call seriously when between the two, three, sometimes four outsourced representatives, are tunes reminiscent of late-night shows that funded sub-par acting and weak screenwriting with the savings from utilizing fewer props – like wardrobes, (id est, shows that are the etymology of Cinemax’s nickname). I was on hold with Sprint yesterday, four separate times, and during each forty-second separation, I … wait. I think I just figured it out. They use, (or, I suppose “re-use”), those particular sounds in order to reduce the pressure upon releasing the stress, anger and frustration they know you are bottling up. It makes sense…The ha-ha hold music misleads our minds in a direction opposite the realization that they are becoming less and less helpful (and coherent), so when (insert name I cannot pronounce) picks up the transferred call, I don’t yell. I, in a suppressed and explicative-light diatribe, explain that…

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