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In 2008, I had an idea. It never came to fruition, but has always been a fond reminder of my unbridled ideation process: Identify a problem. Solve. Five years ago, I saw a problem (business cards are boring) and I took it upon myself to come up with a solution. I wanted to make business cards more exciting than the rectangular pieces of cardstock we all pass out, and end filing somewhere unseen, or simply throwing away. Nowadays, my favorite way to recycle business cards is to use them to give myself a manicure. On to my point…my idea: frisnesscards. Yes, frisnesscards. I was going to create a throwable business card – a cross between a Frisbee and a business card, (in case you didn’t “catch” that by the name). It’s not necessarily sustainable, because no one wants to hold 50 Frisbees in their briefcase (pockets are out of the question), but nonetheless it was an idea. As an entrepreneur, I constantly…

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You Ain’t Your Consumer

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I recently reinforced an inherent truth I’ve understood for sometime: I am not my customer, and without market research, I will never know him or her as well as I think. I’m sharing because it’s clear that many Bs make the presumptuous mistake of thinking they know their Cs. Last year, I setup a product-specific PPC campaign and began adding keywords/terms I thought my consumers would search with. Thankfully, I also had the foresight to add terms I was familiar with, but didn’t think they would be using – at least not as often. Turns out, the industry came up with a commonplace name for this product and were searching heavily to try and find it. However, the name they assigned was not the key term I was bidding heavily on. Within 30 days of the PPC campaign, I noticed the runt of my ads out performing the ads I spent more time and energy developing. Immediately upon discovering my…

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It Smells Like Cat Poop

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Because it is cat poop. There are few smells that match the piercing smell of a newborn cat turd. To ice the chocolate cake, few house-broken indoor cats will go the extra distance, [omitted pun: take the extra step] and cover their gift. This does two things. Decreases the time from birth to scent arrival in your olfactory Further promotes the idea that cats are arrogant and stubborn* It’s one of those immediately noticeable fragrances that lingers and, as a cat owner, I ask: Do ya have to…do ya have to let it linger? Arm & Hammer has developed a solution (to feline fecal odors, not The Cranberries). Double Duty, A&H’s new cat litter, eliminates “58 percent” of cat-related “stool odor” and “improves your home environment.” (Not sure how it accomplishes the latter, but I’m anxious to find out.) Here’s the new commercial about A&H Double Duty from Ferrara & Company, a New Jersey-based advertising & marketing firm. Interested in…

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Recycling Bender

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Austin is such a progressive area when it comes to being Earth-conscious. I’ve changed a lot of my habits when it comes to recycling. I recycle everything. Hell, I even got made fun of the other day at work for drinking out of a mason’s jar (actually, it was a once-delicious jar of locally-made salsa). A new permanent fixture in my apartment (besides a frugally-stocked wine rack) is a recycling bin. Paper, plastic and cans can all be recycled at my apartment complex’s trash areas. My office also has a recycling bin next to my desk…I guess it helps working for an environmentally conscious employer. During my first week (following the move) I purchased a domain specifically focused on propegating the ideas for becoming (buzzword in three, two, one) “greener” as a marketing company and encouraging clients and partners to follow suit. Those familiar with hex color codes should make the connection right away. Those unfamiliar should at least…

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