pivot or persevere

Pivot or Persevere?

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I read (err, listen to) a lot of books. I never have before, but now it’s actually quite enjoyable. One, The Lean Startup, brings to light a methodology in which entrepreneurs must evaluate their business idea and determine whether to pivot or persevere. For the past thirty days, I have been doing exactly that… Asking myself whether to pivot or persevere. After months of minimal sleep, focus groups, and brainstorming, we’re making a pretty significant shift with Sht Lst (pronounced “shit list”). We are building the Sht Lst mobile application. Now, rather than having to load the web app on a mobile browser, users can simply tap the app, document, share and resolve complaints about anything! Development is underway and after it’s live, we will begin our marketing plans. I want to share my Sht Lst with the world!

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