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Reduced Ad-tention Spans

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The 15-second ad is replacing more and more 30-second ads in response to reduced attention spans among viewers. Fewer seconds equal more commercials in one break (and less time to get your message across), but research has shown people pay more attention to shorter ads. Popularity of the 15-second spot is on the rise – up 70 percent over the past 5 years to 5.5 million last year, (according to Nielsen). Rising, even considering the difference in audience drop-off between a 30-second spot and a 15-second spot is only 1 percent, according to Jeff Boehme, chief research officer for Kantar Media. On average, about 5 percent of an audience viewing a 15-second commercial will give up on it. The number jumps to about 6 percent for 30 seconds and 6.5 percent for 60 seconds Procter & Gamble, the largest advertiser, doubled its number of 15-second spots from 2008 to over 299,000 last year. Walmart, the largest retailer, increased 15-second spots…

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Fresh Ads for Old Spice

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Procter & Gamble’s new Old Spice ads are awesome. I had to dig deep for a word to describe how I really feel about them, and “awesome” is the best I can come up with. So, deal with it. No only have each of their ads averaged well over a million views (YouTube), they feature actors like Terry Crews (Training Day, Friday After Next) and poke fun at manly clich├ęs like explosions, flexing and destruction. BUILDING KICK! Here are a few spots from their current ad campaign for Old Spice’s Odor Blocker Body Wash.

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Animal Tested, Mother Approved?

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During a half-awake shower this morning, I came to the firm conclusion that my toe hurts (a lot) and the use of animals in testing bath supplies should be ceased immediately. One conclusion led to the other, but it took me a little while to devise how to shape my argument against animal testing in relation to me, my shower this morning and my now-swollen toe. I’m a pretty “green” guy. Not envious and I do not consider myself “pretty.” I’m for the preservation of planet Earth and its inhabitants. I make a conscious effort to refrain from littering, throwing away recyclable goods and peeing in the pool. While peeing in the pool does not directly harm the environment, it does dirty the pool. The dirtier the pool is, the more chlorine it requires and chlorine is very bad for the environment. My continuous search for knowledge led me to an ongoing survey collecting data about pool peeing. Of the…

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