Bike Against Breast Cancer

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Join me tonight at GSD&M Idea City (828 West 6th Street) and prepare to join the fight against breast cancer in the second annual Mamma Jamma Ride. View Larger Map The ride is September 25, 2010. All rider levels are welcome and there are a variety of route distances. RSVP here, or just show up!

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Texas Dresscode

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Everyone that lives in Austin claims that it is non-representative of the rest of the lone star state. That may be partially true, but not completely. For instance, if you were to randomly sample a set of twelve people’s conversations, I guarantee at least seventy-five percent of those conversations would include any, if not all of the following words/phrases: – y’all – fixin’ (sometimes with “to” appended) – ain’t – a hunderd – we’ll see you later (even if only one person is going to be seeing you later) I recently dropped off one of my favorite pairs of jeans to be dry cleaned. No questions, just dropped them off and I was told they would be ready in two days. Our former President, that claims to be from Texas, once messed up a saying that begins: Fool me once… Well, they got me this time and it won’t happen again. I returned two days later to pick up my…

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Your environment can mess with you. (So can bullies and pain killers, but for the following combination of characters, we’ll focus on the meteorological aspects.) The importance of the Sun’s energy is vital to life on Earth – even if you’re a cave-dwelling cockroach, the Sun’s energy somehow helps support your life.[1] So, you can imagine what three days of rain back-to-back will do to an Austin resident…it threw my entire program off, and almost threw me off my feet. For three days, I didn’t wake up to sun, didn’t drive to work with sunglasses on, didn’t roll my windows down on the way to work, and I couldn’t go running outside after work. Plus, during one of my lunch breaks, I almost slipped and busted my pride/ass on the floor of my parking lot/grassy knoll.[2] Dear Clouds, Texas is for livestock, good weather, great music, oil and republicans. Please, turn off the water in Texas and go back to…

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