A 3-Step Approach To ABM I Learned While Mountain Biking

Saturday afternoon, I went mountain biking with Andy Polito of The Ronin Society.

During our ride, Andy shared his three-step approach to finding and recruiting new customers—a simple, no-nonsense approach to something most digital marketing professionals try to overcomplicate.

First, they identify “good fit” businesses based in Austin. Once they’ve identified these ideal prospects, they research and get to know their prospects. Then, they reach out directly to these businesses—most often by phone and/or direct email—and begin “recruiting” them.

Account-based Marketing, aka ABM, is simple. Account-based Marketing is nothing more than finding the customers with whom you want to work and then recruiting them.

Here’s a refresher on Andy’s three-step approach to ABM:

  1. Identify
    Identify the companies, customers, or prospects whom you want to help.
  2. Research
    Get to know their business, brand, competitors, market, and products and services.
  3. Recruit
    Reach out and tell them: why you want to help, how (specifically) you can help, and why you’re the best person/team to help.

Remember: ABM is simply finding and recruiting customers.

Happy selling!

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