Mother’s Day 2018

Both my mother and step-mother tell me—as they’ve told me for years: “The best gift you can give me on Mother’s Day is a phone call.” So, at the very least, I’ll spend an hour on Mother’s Day talking with my mom and stepmom (independently, of course).

This year, after speaking with my mom and stepmom, I went for a bike ride through the park. It’s 90º (in the shade) so it’s highly unlikely I’ll see any other animals. Rounding a corner, crossing from the paved path to the gravel/dirt path and into a field, I noticed a mother deer in my peripheral vision.

“Awe,” I thought, “it’s Mother’s Day…how nice.”

I slowed down, so as not to spook her, and moved quietly along the path. A warm, fuzzy feeling melted over my entire body. Then, I realized it was the sweat crawling down my face, arms, back, and legs. I unclipped, stopped, and stood over my bike with my feet in the dirt, facing the deer.

Wiping the sweat from my eyes and looking closer, I noticed a baby deer underneath her…feeding. Seriously?! Can you imagine a more perfect moment on Mother’s Day?!

Knowing my wife wouldn’t believe me—nor anyone else—I scrambled to grab my phone and capture proof.

Here’s a quick video I snapped in the heat of the moment (imagine ‘Circle of Life’ playing in your head):

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