Cold Calling Is Not Dead, But…

Let’s face it, 99% of inbound sales calls are bullshit. Some SDR in a call center has a list of names, with you on it because of your: title, industry, company size, location, and/or seniority. But, before you pick up the phone and call, do yourself a favor and…

  1. Look beyond the data—get to know the person.
    Before you even consider calling, get to know the people behind the data. Use Google—maybe go further than 94% of searchers and visit page two of the search results—to look for interesting news, stories, information about your prospects.
  2. Consume content they’ve produced.
    Short of meeting them in person, this is one of the best ways to get to know a prospect. Listen to their podcast, watch a webinar or video they’ve produced, read their blog, and check out their social media presence (What do they share? Who do they follow/engage with? Etc.).
  3. Respect boundaries.
    As you’re doing recon about your prospects and begin planning your outreach, consider that most business people receive about 25 unwanted calls every weekday.Consider the time of day and the device you’re calling and especially don’t call them on their mobile phone. If you’re unsure whether a number is a mobile or landline, check it here:
  4. Lastly, don’t waste their time.
    You have approximately 30 seconds to get your prospect’s attention, so don’t lead in with a canned question or shoddy script. Tell the person (see #1) something compelling or valuable, then get very comfortable with rejection.

Cold calling works—if you’re doing it correctly. If you’re unsure what “good cold calling” looks like, read a book (or ten).

There are plenty of great books about sales/selling on Amazon.

Happy cold-calling!

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