What Are Your Top Three Job Requirements

Loving a job isn’t easy, common, nor is it natural. In fact, loving your job — like loving anything — requires work, literally.

Your job, love it or not, will absorb the majority of your time, talents, and energy. So, choose your job wisely.

It’s ok to be picky to a certain extent. You may have to compromise on some of your wants/needs, but every jobseeker should have three non-negotiable requirements.

Thinking beyond the basics (e.g. salary, benefits, culture, industry) what do you require?

During a recent Product Marketers of Austin Meetup, an attendee asked “When is it time to move on?” in regards to her job.

Sanjay Castillano, CPO of Snow Software, fielded her question with a solid answer…

First, deciding if and when to leave is a very personal decision. My criteria, for instance, may not be right for you. But, here’s what I require:

  1. Give me continual learning opportunities, because you don’t want me to get bored.
  2. I won’t work for assholes.
  3. My skill-set must complement those around me. My core capabilities shouldn’t overlap those of others.

I’m borrowing his top three and adding a fourth requirement:

  • I need to be trusted and feel like my opinion matters.

I’ve been bored, worked for jerks, and “co-managed” an internal team. None are fun, but I’ve been most unhappy when my feedback—constructive input and ideas on how to grow, improve, or otherwise better our organization—is ignored.

What are your top three (or four) job requirements?

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