Think Like a Child

Thinking like a child isn’t easy. Their brains are different.

Children “get” things faster than adults. They try to understand everything and in doing so, children learn faster.

My niece (10) recently had a birthday and received an iPhone. As a result, she’s started texting her uncle, me, frequently.

In communicating with her, I’ve changed the way I type and the way I talk. Typically, I text and talk to people about work, sports, politics, honey-do lists, etc.

With my niece, I text/talk about personal, current events—what she’s doing, where she’s going, who she’s with, what I’m doing, what Aunt Lesley is doing, etc.

My niece initiates all the convos, asks all the questions, and responds faster than I can think, always using very few words. It’s impressive. Her ability to communicate in very few words and how much she values family (and basketball practice).

In texting/talking to her, she’s teaching me to be a better/cooler uncle. 😎

In reflecting on how we communicate, I’m reminded to:

  1. Explain things more simply.
  2. Ask more questions.
  3. Be patient.

In other words, she’s reminding me to think like a child. Bonus: Thinking like a child makes you happier! (read more)

I’ve also learned to pick up the phone when she calls. Missing her call is not acceptable behavior.

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